Мы рады приветствовать тебя на ресурсе который объединит нас вокруг наших двухколесных, злых коней. Тут мы делимся впечатлениями, поломками, просим помощи у опытных райдеров в ремонте и мастерстве управления, в поиске запасных частей и тюнинга. Это поможет тебе не совершать ошибки через которые прошли другие и предотвратить от них твоих новых друзей.

Our ATV Club was formed in 2000 with 29 people. The Club has always been very active. A major project undertaken by us in the early years was connected with the cleaning of the wetlands south of the area by removing numerous old car bodies that had laid there for many years. This was all done by volunteers.

We highly appreciate the trust of our clients, and that’s why we are constantly improving the standards of our services to make ATV sports more popular in our country.

Sport models are built with performance, rather than utility, in mind. To be successful at fast trail riding, an ATV must have light weight, high power, good suspension and a low center of gravity.

If you are a beginner driver and would like to try ATV or polish your driving skills, feel free to attend our ATV Riding courses. A professional coach will train you to acquire necessary driving skills as well as awareness in controlling any type of all-terrain vehicles available today.